Drake’s Deja Scene Connections

by admin on June 22, 2014

Visit Deja Scene to see a list of actors that Drake (Aubrey Graham) has starred in a movie with multiple times. Or you can view Drake’s filmography page.


performingNow that Drake’s third full-length, the awesome Nothing Was The Same, is officially out, the first-week sales projections are coming in. According to the site Hits Daily Double, it’s looking like he’s going to make some serious cake right out of the gate.

Drake is projected to sell between 675,000 and 725,000, which is definitely an impressive number. The only album that’s done better so far in 2013 is Justin Timberlake’s The 20/20 Experience, which moved 968,000 units. That means Drake’s record will have sold better than new projects from contemporaries like Kanye West, Jay Z, J. Cole, and even his mentor, Lil Wayne.

It’s also considerably higher than what his previous albums sold in their first weeks. Take Care sold 631,000 copies after dropping on Nov. 15, 2011 while Thank Me Later sold 447,000 copies following its June 15, 2010 release. In other words, just as the quality of Drizzy’s music has gone up, so have the sales numbers. We’ve obviously been fans from the jump, but it’s been awesome watching and hearing him truly come into his own with each release.

A lot of people were anticipating the potential sales numbers of Drake’s new album that it felt like they were ready to bet some money of it. Perhaps those same people would be more suited to playing games online at Betfair, where they can gamble to their heart’s content in a variety of ways. Like those games, trying to determine the amount of copies an album will sell in its first week can be like a form of gambling. Also, let’s not act like some people probably waged some small bets against each other on this one.

And if you were looking to ever have a similar conversation with Drake about all of this speculation, chances are he’d shoot you down immediately. In an interview with MTV, he was asked if he’s been thinking about how Nothing Was The Same will perform when it debuts in stores and on digital retailers. He responded with a story about some of the best advice he ever received: “No expectations lead to no disappointments. So I have no expectations.”

A somewhat major factor that could influence those expectations is the fact that the album leaked more than a week before its release on Sept. 24. Drake wasn’t shook by that fact either, telling MTV that he’s “just excited whenever people get the music.”

All that being said, he did admit that he will probably be more into the whole numbers game at some point. It’s just not on his mind as heavily as it has been in the past:

“The numbers, the sales, all that stuff it’s cool. I’m sure I’ll get into it on the day like, ‘How much did we sell,’ trying to figure it out, but aside from that, I’m just excited for people to hear the full body of work.”

Nothing Was The Same is out now.


Today’s Drake News July 5, 2013

by admin on July 5, 2013

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Today’s Drake News July 4, 2013

by admin on July 4, 2013

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